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Finishing the race & hospitality

The Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club and Auckland to Tauranga Race Committee have once again put together an amazing team of volunteers to make the race happen and make finishing the race, getting into a berth, and getting around town a breeze.

We want to make a special thank you to the Port of Tauranga for their ongoing support of the TYPBC and the Auckland to Tauranga Race. Not only do they support us on the water with our extensive use of the shipping channels, but they also support us and sponsor us financially which is pivotal to making events like the A2T happen.

We also want to thank Farmer Autovillage for coming on board again this year and providing us with a 9-seater van to ferry skippers and crew from their berths to the club, supermarket, accommodation etc. (Genuine Vehicle Imports) have joined us as a new sponsor this year of the A2T, also providing us with two 7-seater vans.

These vans are a huge help in making the finish of the race run smoothly and showcase our fantastic hospitality in Tauranga.

Our team made up of Women on Water Tauranga & TYPBC volunteers will be in the marinas and on the water ready to assist boats with getting into their berths and getting tied up, as well as providing transport with our sponsored vans, and dropping of our famous welcome packs which are aptly inside Altex Yacht & Boat Paint tins!

A friendly reminder that the race briefing is tomorrow (Thursday) night at 7pm. A Zoom link will be emailed to all entrants today and can be shared with crew if necessary.


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