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Entries extended to Monday 27th March!

For those of you who haven't yet made up your mind or might be waiting to watch what the weather does, good news, the closing date for entries has been extended to 18:30 on Monday 27th March!

This means no late entry fees and gives you more time to tie down those elusive crew members!

Remember we have free berths available for a whole week thanks to our amazing sponsors Tauranga Bridge Marina, and if that's not enough, we also have:

  • Rum & coke and hot cross buns (with butter) on arrival (dropped to your boat!)

  • Assistance with berthing

  • Dedicated van and drivers to get you to and from your boat and the club

  • Complimentary Ponsonby Pies waiting for you at the club

  • A whole stack of amazing prizes

  • AND our awesome party on Saturday night! Check out the details here!

And if you happen to be cruising around the Auckland Boat Show this weekend, don't forget to visit Atlex Yacht & Boat Paint!

Auckland to Tauranga Race Committee

Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club

Ph: 07 578 5512

90 Keith Allen Drive, Sulphur Point, Tauranga 3110


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